We are many

About us

The Hamaika Gara project is a mass gathering of adhesions and commitments defending the right to decide via a referendum. It's aim is to draw attention to the majority position in favour of exercising the right to decide and make effective progress in the territories that make up Euskal Herria—the Basque Country.

We have the right to decide on the matters that affect our lives and our communities, and we are in no doubt that if we join forces we can avail of the tools necessary to achieve this. Therefore, our project is based on the collaboration and networking between Gure Esku people's movement and different multi-sectoral agents.

Our initiative will give us the necessary strength for citizens to advance along our path. Likewise, by means of the right to petition, we will hand in the signatures collected in Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa to the Basque Parliament and those collected in Navarre to the Parliament of Navarre. Once the collection of signatures has been completed, we will take the next steps together, with ambition and a long-term view.

It's the time of the people, time to join forces and move forward.

With you, we are many.

hamaika gara herri erronka

People’s challenge

A new collaboration framework between different multi-sectoral agents and citizens.


Mass collection of commitments

An actively favourable attitude towards using the referendum tool.

hamaika gara erakunde publikoak

Social demands to public institutions

We need tools made available to citizens.

hamaika gara epe luze

A long-term view

We're at the starting point of a new stage.

Who is promoting the initiative?

Taking the Hamaika Gara project as the central pillar, we have called the collaborative space that we have created for the different agents involved Elkargune (meeting place).

In this open space, all those of us who are in favour of sovereignty and the right to decide are joining forces to move forward together.