Rise up. Sign. Decide.

With you, we are many

Hamaika Gara Solasaldiak

Welfare crisis

Faced with the exceptional situation, search for new answers

May 26 at 6:30 p.m.



With the aim of promoting the Hamaika Gara initiative, we have recorded 'Altxa!' in Plateruena Kafe Antzokia of Durango.


  • Promoters of the Hamaika Gara initiative
  • International reference people
  • Direction: Amancay Gaztañaga
  • Screenwriter: Gotzon Barandiaran
  • Cast: Iraia Elias, Erika Olaizola and Laura Penagos
  • Musicians: Eñaut Elorrieta, Rubén Caballero and Dupla
  • Bertsolari: AMETS Arzallus
  • Technical production: Pixel
  • Special thanks: Plateruena Kafe Antzokia

To support the Hamaika Gara initiative, sign for the legalization of the referendum and make your contribution through the store.


It's the people’s time.
Time to join forces and move forward.


People’s challenge

A new collaboration framework between different multi-sectoral agents and citizens.


Mass collection of commitments

An actively favourable attitude towards using the referendum tool.


Social demands to public institutions

We need tools made available to citizens.


A long-term view

We're at the starting point of a new stage.